An Experience to Remember

By: Chloe Drake

Chloe and Loretta Graduation 2017 Imagine being told once you enter 9th grade, you will be working in Corporate America helping Corporate America do what they do best. Imagine being 14 years old being told that your job placement is at a well-known law firm in your downtown area. Imagine walking in for your first day not having a clue what to say or how to act or even where to go. I know you are probably thinking that this could not be, but indeed it happened. Ironically, I was that 14 year old who was placed at Fay Sharpe three years ago. On my first day at Fay Sharpe, I was relentlessly nervous about if I had the talents or qualifications to fulfill the needs of the job that I just got hired to do. I mean, what ninth grader do you know that thinks of those things at that age? I bet you have no one in mind. Additionally, I felt a lot of pressure as I pressed the number “5” on the elevator screen in the main lobby. Any emotion that you can think of at this moment, I felt as the elevator doors closed to move me to the destination that I had chosen 30 seconds beforehand. The elevator doors opened to the fifth floor of the Halle Building and my eyes sparkled. My eyes sparkled at how the floor plan of the firm was so inviting; the lighting was perfect, the space was broad, and the employees were extensively friendly.

As I walked through the firm for the first time, I remember my former supervisor introducing me to each and every employee. My nervousness started to die down when I realized that everyone treated me with so much grace and love. I would have never known that Fay Sharpe would be my world and home for the next three years of my life. Ever since my first day at Fay Sharpe, I have been greeted with insightful advice, encouragement, and ultimately a family’s love. Fay Sharpe has taught me the fundamentals of working in Corporate America. The firm has allowed me to have experience in a few different departments such as docketing, billing, and administration; just to name a few. Fay Sharpe has also improved my professionalism, communication skills, clerical skills, and people skills. I have been assigned a variety of different tasks over the past four years from scanning, filing, data entry, answering phones, validating parking tickets, scheduling conference rooms, company entertainment and so much more. I am so amazed at how much I have grown through all of the teachings that Fay Sharpe has given me. The teachings of Fay Sharpe has helped me in other endeavors outside of the firm such as community projects, service projects, outside jobs, etc. Throughout my total experience at Fay Sharpe, I have not run into any problems and if I did, the problem was handled very professionally and effectively. Fay Sharpe is a wonderful intellectual property law firm and they make sure everyone who is involved with them from guests, clients, and employees feel like they are family and right at home. I am honestly honored to have such an amazing opportunity like this one that most kids my age do not have. I thank Fay Sharpe for always being there and blessing me even when the blessings may have been unnoticeable for them. Fay Sharpe family, you have been so gracious and I will always be grateful. The 14 year old girl that stepped foot off that elevator is not the same person and has blossomed from your gracious actions. You have not only seen me grow, you have helped me grow in every aspect. You have developed me into a professional young lady and I am forever grateful for that. Thank you.

(Photo credit to Loretta Williams, Fay Sharpe’s receptionist)


July 14th, 2017

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