Fay Sharpe LLP ranked with the Top 20 patent practices by Patent Practice Benchmark 20

PPB20 imageThe Patent Practice Benchmark 20 (“PPB20™”) has identified the top 20 firms providing patent prosecution services. The nationwide study inspected data from the United States Patent and Trademark Office based on timeliness, completeness and accuracy. Fay Sharpe LLP is proud to report we are recognized and included by the PPB20™ in the top 20 patent practices.

Fay Sharpe LLP was evaluated with other law firms and patent practice businesses across the country and met stringent criteria to earn a spot on this list. To be considered for the PPB20™ each nominee on the list must be based in the U.S., have a minimum number of 13 patent practitioners, a minimum number of 3,100 published patent applications, at least 600 maintenance fee payments and meet the minimum Quotia score of 800. A Quotia score sets criteria surrounding accuracy, completeness and timeliness of a practitioner’s work. With a score above 751, top tier practitioners (including Fay Sharpe) possess the least amount of risk and provide the most confidence to each patent inventor, patent owner or patent assignee.

We are honored to be named on this list with the group of top patent practitioners in the United States.

August 16th, 2017

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