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Thomas Tillander

Patent Agent


Registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Practice/Technical Competence

Patent preparation, prosecution and art search in general electronic and software arts. Specific expertise in sensors (pressure, flow, respiration, optical position sensors, hall effect, flame rod, flame, etc.); signal processing (filters, amplifiers, FFT, cross correlation, DSP, etc.); image processing (half-toning, error diffusion, TRCs, streak compensation, printer-to-printer consistency, image warp compensation, electro-photography, etc.); telecommunications (GPS. 3GPP, GSM, GPRS, call flows, bearer networks, subscriber databases, HLRs, node B/UE interactions, etc.); industrial controls (PID, ladder logic, industrial furnace temperature control, familiar with NOx, SOx issues, fuel/air ratio control, web sensing/guiding) – inventor named in 3 patents related to industrial controllers and sensors.


  • Cleveland & American Intellectual Property Law Associations
  • American Radio Relay League


  • Case Western Reserve University (B.S., Biomedical Engineering (Instrumentation, 1983)
  • 1983-1985 Medical research engineer
  • 1985- 1999 Electronics engineer