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Our professionals have chemical, biotechnical or related degrees. We understand the technologies of our clients and provide sophisticated advice on intellectual property issues that help our clients create IP strategies which carefully reflect business, environmental and competitive conditions in the United States and worldwide.

Our intellectual property services include:

  • Patent searches and due diligence reviews, analyzing the innovations of business rivals and identifying how those innovations affect your product, client base and business strategy.
  • Intellectual property protection and strategy analysis, finding "holes" and suggesting how best to fill them.
  • Validity / right-to-use / infringement opinions.
  • Patent application (utility and design) preparation, filing and prosecution before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and around the world through our network of foreign associates.

We have prosecuted patents in areas including organic and inorganic chemistry, polymer and plastics, biochemistry, surface chemistry and technology, composites, process chemistry, immunology, neurobiology and a broad spectrum of other chemical engineering applications.

We deliver "global" biotech / chemical intellectual property protection.


Representative Clients & Patents:

Bonne Bell, Inc. - US6723307 - Cosmetic lip product with sour flavor.

The Clorox Company - US6825158 - Bactericidal cleaning wipe comprising a cationic biocide.

Cooper Technology Services, LLC - US6800691 - Blend of EPDM and SBR using an EPDM of different origin as a compatibilizer.

Omnova Solutions Inc. - US6793861 - Optimization of in-mold coating injection molded thermoplastic substrates.

Spalding Sports Worldwide, Inc. - US6394913 - Multi-layer golf ball.

Xerox Corporation - US6770904 - Polythiophenes and electronic devices generated therefrom.