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Licensing, Trade Secrets & Tech Transfer

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"One person's trash is another person's treasure." What do you do with patents, or other intellectual property, that are no longer useful to your company?

Licensing can be a very profitable pursuit, yet very few patents are actually licensed. As a rough estimate, only 2% to 3% of issued patents are licensed for a royalty. Why isn't more intellectual property licensed? Often, prospective licensors and licensees find it hard to initiate licensing transactions, due to either ignorance of licensing opportunities or fear of failure and the resulting possibility of an infringement suit.

We help clients analyze "underutilized" intellectual property with an eye for opportunities where they may be able to license it to others before the IP protection is allowed to lapse.

Trade Secrets

Trade secret protection is an option for an inventor or author who wants to profit from an intellectual property but does not choose to patent. Generally, trade secret protection is an option where the intellectual property is particularly easy to maintain in secrecy or where patent protection is not applicable.

Fay Sharpe helps clients assess the viability and commercial benefits of trade secret protection and, when appropriate, prepares confidentiality agreements.

Technology Transfer

In partnership with university clients, we assist in the transfer of technologies from the laboratory to the business world. We especially enjoy working with clients who are venturing into virgin territory!

Our goal is to help our clients create income opportunities or strategic business liaisons that maximize the value of their intellectual property portfolio.