In 1884, when Fay Sharpe opened its doors, the latest buzz in intellectual property was patenting the fountain pen. Since then, our world, and the innovations that shape it, have changed immensely. Through it all, our mission has remained simple: provide a complete array of intellectual property legal services focused on solutions for your innovations.

Technical Sophistication
Fay Sharpe consistently ranks nationally in the upper echelon of IP Law firms. Our attorneys, patent agents, IP engineers and consultants represent a wide array of engineering and scientific specialties. Practical experience, academic know-how and technical acumen put us on the same technological page as our clients, providing sophisticated, relevant and efficient counsel.

Effortless Communication
We’re known for being friendly, approachable, practical and knowledgeable. We take time to understand your business so we can place your company’s IP needs, focus on your objectives and achieve success. In addition, Fay Sharpe works globally with a well-developed network, allowing us to provide IP property solutions in many jurisdictions.

Exceptional Value
Value is defined as the worth of something compared to the price paid for it. Your measurement of value matters to us. With an unbridled dedication to professional integrity, we provide IP solutions that enhance your business strategies at an exceptional value.

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