Positions Available

Registered Patent Attorney, Agent or IP Engineer

Required Education and Experience

The ideal candidate is a registered U.S. patent attorney or agent with at least a B.S. in electrical engineering with 2-5 years of patent experience in preparing and prosecuting patent applications.

Essential Duties

– Discusses inventions and disclosures with inventors or clients and ascertains whether they are likely to succeed in being granted a patent;
– Studies and analyzes scientific or technical documents, including previously published patent documents, to assess in what ways an invention is novel, innovative or non-obvious;
– Writes detailed descriptions of inventions in precise legal terms which will form the basis for patents to be granted by the U.S. Patent Office or by Foreign Patent Offices;
– Prosecutes patent applications by corresponding with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), often presenting complicated technical arguments;
– Advises foreign associates on pending patent applications in Foreign Patent Offices;
– Advises on enforcement of patent rights; prepare, patent ability, infringement, validity and right to use opinions;
– Prepare patent licenses and technology agreements;
– Advises clients on other intellectual property rights, e.g. copyrights or trademarks;
– Keeps up to date with legal developments in the intellectual property field; and
– Tutors and mentors patent agents or new attorneys.


Fay Sharpe LLP
Sandra Koenig, Hiring Partner
1228 Euclid Avenue, 5th Floor
Cleveland, Ohio 44115