Fay Sharpe is committed to valuing and strengthening diversity throughout our firm. People are our greatest asset, and we recognize that the differences among us have contributed to our longevity and success. We embrace the principles of equal employment opportunity, and within that, believe that promoting diversity is an integral component of providing a quality work environment for Fay Sharpe attorneys and staff, as well as excellent service to our clients.

Recruitment, Promotion and Retention
Fay Sharpe understands that it’s critical to recruit, promote and retain capable and motivated professionals, regardless of sex, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, genetic information, veteran status or age. We want to hire people with a commitment to Cleveland and Northeast Ohio, so we continue to recruit at local colleges and universities and via community-based efforts to find qualified applicants from all backgrounds. We’ve participated in the Minority Clerkship Program and in diversity conferences and workshops to increase our ability to bring diversity to IP law.

Our efforts yield talented attorneys and staff, as well as success in our recruiting efforts. Women and minorities make up more than 26 percent of our attorneys and 50 percent of our overall staff.

Other Programs
As a Cleveland-based business, it is our social responsibility to help build and ensure our city’s future. Since 2008, Fay Sharpe has sponsored students from St. Martin de Porres High School through its Corporate Work Study Program. (See our community involvement page for details). St. Martin has boasted three years of 100 percent college acceptance, which positively impacts Cleveland’s future workforce and economy. Additionally, our attorneys have volunteered in the 3Rs Program (Rights, Responsibilities, and Realities), which fosters personal connections between the legal community and Cleveland and East Cleveland high school students. By encouraging post-secondary education and providing on-the-job skills training, we strive to fill the local workforce with well-trained, motivated and successful women and minority employees in the legal field.

Internally, Fay Sharpe has established Women of Fay Sharpe as a way to promote our brand and inclusion initiatives, to create new long-lasting business relationships and to strengthen current relationships with clients.