Mechanical / Manufacturing / Automotive

Your manufacturing business has worked hard to develop proprietary advancements in an ever-changing industry to meet modern demands, and those advancements must be safeguarded. Fay Sharpe’s attorneys and IP engineers focus on protecting your proprietary advancements and have proven experience in machine design, fabrication, operation and process control, gaming systems, home appliances, automotive devices and systems, toys and sporting equipment and a broad spectrum of other mechanical systems and technologies.

Our patent attorneys and IP engineers have degrees in computer science, electrical engineering, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, material science and a broad spectrum of other technical disciplines, and many have worked in those fields. We understand the complex technologies and specific IP challenges of our clients, resulting in sophisticated, relevant counsel that reflects current business, environmental and competitive conditions both locally and globally.

To help you safeguard your innovations in the mechanical and manufacturing spaces, we:

With more than 130 years of Intellectual Property law experience, Fay Sharpe helps clients implement comprehensive IP strategies, protecting their innovations to create a competitive, market-leading position.

Representative clients:

  • Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC
  • Cloyes Gear & Products Inc.
  • Cooper-Standard Automotive Inc.
  • East Manufacturing Co.
  • Hunter Defense Technologies Inc.
  • Lokring Technology Corp.

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