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Intellectual Property. It’s all we do.

Critical demands in fast-paced medical fields require continuous innovation. In this highly regulated, competitive industry, protecting intellectual property is crucial. Leveraging our technical expertise and in-depth understanding of IP law, Fay Sharpe helps our clients safeguard their proprietary medical developments.

Our patent attorneys and IP Engineers have technical backgrounds in chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology and a broad spectrum other technical disciplines, and many have worked in those fields. We understand the complex technologies and specific IP challenges of our clients, allowing us to deliver sophisticated, relevant counsel that reflects current business, environmental and competitive conditions locally and globally.

Fay Sharpe attorneys have prosecuted patents for biodegradable stents and sutures, proteins that prevent metabolic syndrome and devices used to correct spinal deformities. Our proven IP strategies position clients on the leading edge of medical innovation.

Because we understand the medical field, we can offer focused solutions to:

We work closely with our clients to formulate and strengthen IP strategies as new technologies emerge. By strategically applying our legal expertise, we help you protect medical devices, medical and biomedical innovations to secure your competitive positions in the market.

Representative Clients:

  • Philips Medical Systems
  • Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.
  • Rhinosystems, Inc.
  • Kennedy-Kreiger Institute

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